Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday Update


I wrote this post yesterday in keeping with my blogging every day this week. I just forgot to post it last night. Oops.

In my Conflict Grid class the long holiday weekend is over. Today we got Lesson 3 and two assignments. The two types of conflicts focused on in this lesson are the Conflict of Circumstance and the Conflict of Relationship. Hmm. In the first conflict, it's about how the world sees the heroine and hero and their should be a significant difference, which would create conflict. When I started thinking about my two characters, I realized that this is a perception people have and not really who my characters are. Essentially, they've been labeled.

Labeling is easier for us. It short-cuts us building a relationship with someone. Rather than find out who the person really is, what she stands for, what she values, slap a label on her and move on to "lets get together for lunch". We've all labeled someone at some time and at some time we've been labeled. I know I have. Once people hear that I'm an only child, well it takes them less than 30 seconds to write out that name badge with "I'm spoiled".

That's what labeling is like - slapping one of those sticky things on your chest (which by the way, I hate those things). Why bother developing a personality when all that matters is appearance?

But sometimes being labeled hides a truth, a past that we don't want anyone to know. That's the deal with my heroine. Her label, people's perception of her masks the truth she doesn't want revealed. It also keeps quiet her greatest fear.

I better get to my assignments.


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