Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Writerly Wednesday - Inspiration

I had my post all set, ready to write up then I visited one of my favorite author sites and scrapped my original idea.

Today Lauren Dane put up a video that I found inspiring & just what I needed. And I thought I'd share.

It's so easy to wonder if it's all worth it. The time spent at our computers writing and revising, the time at Chapter meetings, the time we spend researching, the time we spend dreaming. Is everything we give to the pursuit of becoming published really worth it?

There may be moments when the answer is "no". But luckily for most of us most of the time the answer is "yes". So, when you feel a "no" coming on play this video. It'll snap you right back to "yes".

Lauren's new book Inside Out comes out on November 2nd.

Thanks Lauren for a dose of inspiration.


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